Short Essay about the History of Delphi Programming Language
by Lauren Bradshaw


Thanks to technological progress, humanity enjoys lots of benefits and conveniences. Our life becomes better and easier. First of all, we should be grateful to computers. Accordingly, it is interesting to find out how the computers function. A lot depends on different programming languages. One of such is Delphi. This article contains a sample about the history of a program’s development.

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“Delphi is one of the oldest and most helpful programming languages in the computer history. This language is an important branch, which connects many spheres of management and application building. Most personal computer (PC) users do not even know that it exists. This is a mistake. Unfortunately, people never think how a mechanism or program works until it is broken. Accordingly, it’s worth learning the history of Delphi and defining its major abilities and properties.

Commonly, a story of any program, language, brand or product begins from its name. Therefore, we will begin as needed. Most people have one straight association with a famous and resourceful programming language called Delphi. If the name of a well-known oracle has occurred to your mind first, you were correct. There used to be a wise oracle who knew many things that should come and he dwelled in the ancient city of Delphi. The program inherited its name after this oracle. It was given by Danny Thorpe. He was a developer of a well-known brand (for those times) called Borland. Most people thought that it could foresee something in the future. In fact, it has nothing to do with the prophecies. It simply had a connection to a database called Oracle. At that time, Oracle was one of the most sought-after databases. Therefore, the name was given logically.


The program was fully launched in the year 1995 by Borland. It is remarkable that over the years it has been undertaken, modified and released by different institutions. This was an important measure because the world of computers changed and progressed at a high pace. Borland turned to be unprepared for them and could not catch up with rapid modernizations. However, many other developers also failed the test. Fortunately, there always appeared someone to take care of the program, which is really important. Currently, the rights belong to Idera. This brand bought Embarcadero Technologies. Since the year 2015, it is released by this brand.


From the first days of its existence, the program was widely used throughout the globe. It was the major programming language, which interacted with database management systems. One of the most important features it possessed was an ability to instantly connect to databases, which is crucial for programmers. Of course, the program had other capabilities. One of such was the ability to create various applications and access multiple database management systems.  One of its chief designers was Anders Hejlsberg.


He created Turbo Pascal. It was a reasonable step to appoint this great programmer. At this point, we should hit back to 1985-1986. These years were important because during that period was launched Object Pascal. This programming language supported Mac App and Delphi was its ancestor. As you can see, it was obvious that the “father” of Pascal should undertake the next project, which ought to replace the old with something new and more progressive. The advancements added by Borland had a history of 10 full years. In the year 2006, it has been announced that Delphi application will be sold out.


The company had to look for new owners and fully concentrated on the sales routine. Its authorities considered Delphi as one of their greatest creations. Nonetheless, they had some other projects to work out. Accordingly, it has been decided to sell this product to someone else. It took some time to find the needed buyers. It turned to be Code Gear. At that time, it was an independent company. Nonetheless, the leadership of the company did not last for too long. In the year 2008, it was sold to Embarcadero Technologies. Since those times, Delphi was transferred several times. Those changes were necessary to match the current needs of programmers. It accessed multiple systems on a new level of progress.


The current business sphere develops very fast. Thus, in 2015, a new owner was sold to Idera. This meant that Delphi received a new developer. It is interesting that the trademark was left unchanged and it exists today. It underwent multiple changes and improvements. It would be difficult to name all of them. However, you can find every version if necessary. Real experts will make use out of it.


This was a brief story of a famous programming language known as Delphi. This is one of the little and commonly unnoticed applications whose role is unknown by most people. Only the true programmers who create various apps and fulfill various functions know its value, which is really huge. The connection to management systems’ databases is practical and important. It’s good that such apps exist and are constantly improved. People should know more about such apps. If one knows how everything began, one knows how to fix possible errors.”


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About author: Lauren Bradshaw started writing in 2003. Since then she tried her hand in SEO and website copywriting, writing for blogs, and working as an academic expert at, academic writing company. Her major interests lie in content marketing, developing communication skills, and blogging. She's also passionate about philosophy, psychology, literature and painting.


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